Friday, October 12, 2018

Just Add Color Will Make Your Party Pop

So I've seen them a dozen times, people wanting to surprise their friends and family, or their kids, with the gender of their next baby, so they fill balloons with pink or blue dust (purple if it's boy/girl twins I guess) for a fun reveal. I've seen them, and always thought it was a cute idea, but never knew where I would get the stuff to do it as sand always seemed like it would be too heavy. Now you don't have to wonder anymore. Just Add Color is the perfect thing you need to have a colorful reveal, birthday, or just a good old, fashioned color war. 

Just Add Color to your next Party! Your Next Outdoor Party Will Be 10x More Fun With Color! The Just Add Color Mega Pak includes everything you need to add colorful powder games, color dances, color crafts, color photos and color experiences to your next party.

Every party is more fun with color...birthday parties, half-birthday parties, church parties, team banquets, surprise parties, graduation parties, gender reveal parties to name a few. 

Simply put, The Just Add Color Mega Pak gives you color, tools and a how-to guide to make your next party 10 Times More Fun.

Get One-Time-Only Discount, Two Color Blasters (For FREE), Money Back Guarantee and Shipping (For FREE) When You Purchase Your Just Add Color Mega Pak Right Now!
Was $150 Just $75!

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