Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Long Time No See! A Quick Summer Recap

Hey guys!
So there has been a LOT going on in my house, lots of changes, new things, and of course, the start of school. We recently just moved to a new apartment, which also means that my oldest had to switch schools again. I am not a fan of switching schools but he is in a good district now and so far, things are going well. We actually live in a wildlife preserve now and have a bunch of duckies that the Lil' G and Moose love to feed in the morning. The neighbors tell us that during hunting season there will be hundreds of ducks, geese, and we get deer too. Spring brings bunnies and baby birds as well. Monkey has loved the fact that we have a creek right behind the house. He has been having a lot of fun with his friends catching crawfish and has even seen a beaver dam. 

Since moving here last week, I have become the neighborhood mom and now watch two of the neighborhood boys after school. I never thought I would be "that mom" since I'm the heavily tattooed, blue-haired, swearin' mom. yeah.. that's me. Since I can't work because of the kids therapies and my own disabilities, it's nice to have a little extra income coming in. It's been a big change having so many extras in our area, especially when I was very adamant about not allowing a ton of extra kids in our other place. I think it largely had something to do with the fact that we were on the middle floor before, with neighbors that hated that my toddlers are loud, have Flintstone feet and that we always had therapists in and out of our door. Now we're blessed to be on the bottom floor. 

I have done a lot of fantastic bazaars throughout this summer that have been all-consuming with my time. I had some good ones, and some bad ones. And I did a few first time ones to support my community and let them all know that I'm here. One of my newest products that has been a really big seller for me is my kid's masks. They fit adults too, but I have seen them purchased mostly for kids. As you can see, Moose loves his "baaaaabyyyyy shark doo do do do da do" (I know it's stuck in your head now, too.)

There's been some not so fun things going on too like what seems to be a horrific custody battle. It almost feels a bit "Beyond Thunderdome" at this point. Let me tell you something guys, if you know your shit, then you don't necessarily need an attorney. You just need to know how to find what you need and use all the assets you have. Now, this is NOT legal advise, but it has been my experience, that if you know what the problem is, how to refute it, and make your point in the most scientific, upfront, and to the point facts then you can win anything with enough even temper and patience. You just have to know your shit and how to present it. 

Tomorrow is Moose's first day of Headstart. I hope that he's as excited as he seems. We'll be driving him to school for the first couple days while bus service gets set up. So we're gonna go do something with Lil' G so he doesn't feel so left out. I'm hoping that this is going to present an opportunity for Moose to learn to play nicely with others, make friends, and manners and all of the other things that one hopes their child will pick up on when around those their own age. I especially hope that Lil' G will mellow out some and the break from each other will do them both some good. Unless boys are supposed to just punch, hit, and bite each other. They are Irish twins, so really close in age. They are both very hyperactive toddlers and they but heads a lot. 

As for me, I am just falling apart at the seams. My 30's haven't been too nice to my body by any means. Hopefully more tomorrow, now that I'll be one less kid for half the day, hopefully I can get back to the regularly scheduled program.

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