Tuesday, September 18, 2018

How to Stay Warm This Winter When You're Broke AF

Ya'll! Winter is coming. Like really just around the corner, some places close to where I live have even gotten snow already. Winter utility bills SUCK. They are usually high no matter what sort of things you try. There is no helping that there are fewer daylight hours in the day so you have to turn on a light unless you are accustomed to living in the dark or reading by candle light. Also, if you don't turn the heater on, you're going to get some major potential for mold because of the cold. If you are like me, and want your house to be cozy but don't like that bill to do it, then here are some cheaper alternatives that you can try out to keep yourself warm but your utility bill low.

1. Build a fire

I know that not everyone can do this because they don't have a fireplace, but even if you're outside, get a little fire pit, or make one with some old bricks. Not only is it a great way to get rid of your paper recycling, but you can stay warm, toast marshmallows, and keep your utility bill low. Also, some places make fake fireplaces that you can simply plug into the wall that heat and look like real fire but it's all-electric, or gas. Option three; Set your house on fire then you don't have to worry about the utility bill at all.

2. Leave the oven door open

After cooking dinner or baking cookies, or whatever you're making in your oven, leave the oven door open so that the heat can warm the house as it cools down. If you have children or pets, you will want to think of the best safety precautions for your family, but this is a great way to use that heat. Our kitchen is always gated off because Lil' G can reach the knobs. I actually do not want him to burn down my house, and it keeps my pups pinned. 

3. Snuggle

Grab the hubby or boyfriend. Grab the kids. Find your fur-baby. Or grab a blanket and a book and snuggle on the couch while you watch a movie or read. The closer you are, the more body heat you'll generate to warm each other. It's a great idea for some together time with your loved ones or by yourself. Creating body heat while the heat is turned down will keep you warm but the house won't be so hot.

4. Add layers

Who says that you can't wear your sweats and a hoodie in the living room while you chillax at 2 in the afternoon? No shame in it. It's pretty comfy actually. If you're especially chilly, add a pair of long johns or tights underneath your sweats and you'll be throw off layers in no time. Chicken (as Moose calls him because of his speech problems) wears long johns almost all year long because he always thinks he's cold. I think it's in his head cuz he never feels cold.

5. Time for your workout

If you're moving around doing your weight loss yoga, Tae Bo, or buns of steel, you're gonna work up a sweat. Then, you'll be wishing it were a little cooler in your house. The more you're moving, the less you're gonna notice the cold.

6. Bedtime Exercise

Obviously, this is only an option for the adults in the house, but need I say more? 


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