Wednesday, September 12, 2018

First Days and Fair Housing Laws

So, as I'm sure that you can guess by now, I am a huge advocate for disability rights and special needs advocate. Because this is a HUGE, huge part of my life, I will be talking about it frequently.
There are many things that pertain to a special needs parent that also fall under the "cheap" category, because, to be perfectly honest, many of us special needs parents end up leaving jobs we love, ending careers that we just went in to thousands of dollars in debt to obtain, because of our children's special needs. I know many parents who've suffered this same fate. Many of which are single parents even living on nothing but SSI and TANF or child support because their children's needs are so significant that they can't hold a job because they keep getting called out of work for one thing or another. It is a serious problem. 

With that being said, we had an issue today with noise complaints due to my special needs children. The first being that Lil' G is a screamer. He has night terrors and wakes several times in the middle of the night SCREAMING his head off for what seems like no reason. He also screams when he doesn't get his way, something he doesn't like is going on, or basically because he's 2. It's largely a sensory issue, but he screams so shrilly that he can be heard on the other side of the complex, in another building. Obviously, neighbors have complained. So, here's where the fair housing laws come in. You can get all the noise complaints in the world, but fair housing laws say that you can't be evicted from it. I will repeat that. YOU CAN'T BE EVICTED FOR NOISE COMPLAINTS IF SAID COMPLAINTS ARE BECAUSE OF YOUR OR YOUR CHILD'S DISABILITY. I know that screaming is inherently not disability related, at least not exclusively, but for a child suffering night terrors, it's an all too real and terrifyingly jarring experience that makes me want to scream too. 

On the happier note, Moose had his first day of headstart. Getting him into class was a shitshow. Many parents were told that school started at 7:15. Yeah, well they don't even open the doors until 8 am. So I had one cranky two year old screaming in the truck, an anxious three year old waiting to go play with his new friends, and then when we get into the building, nobody had a clue who was in what classroom. The first day of school went well, and he had fun. His teacher told me at pickup today that they had a hard time keeping him busy because he's so smart and finished all the tasks and activities before everyone else. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but I have seen what can happen to smart kids that aren't challenged. I hope that we don't end up going down that road. 

The best part of the whole day, was Moose told me he had to go potty, and climbed up on the toilet and went potty all by himself. I have been working on potty training with him for months. MONTHS! and today was the first time he not only told me he needed to go BEFORE he actually did, but also actually went in the toilet. So proud of my little dude!

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