Friday, July 6, 2018

Cheap Ways to Beat the Heat continued

Yesterday I shared some cheap ways that you can entertain your little ones during the summer so you don't hear, "I'm bored," every 10 seconds. Hopefully they will be able to last for 30 seconds now. Well, today I have got some tips on cheap ways that you can beat the heat instead of having to hole up in the house to stay somewhat cool. I don't know about you, but I am *NOT* a heat person. 70-degrees is like my perfect temperature. Anything more and I'm cranking up the AC and practically dying. I am not made for heat. With that being said, my middle son, my tiny-saurus Rex, is really prone to heat rash and exhaustion so I have to be extra careful of letting him be out too long or in direct sun without sunscreen every 10 minutes it seems. If you also can't stand the heat but are pretty flat broke, these are for you. 

Indoor Heat Busters-

  1. Play in the bathtub- It's not a swimming pool, but in a pinch it will do. The tub is already there, so let your kids snorkle, splash, and soak in the tub for some quick cool down. Last summer, I lived in a house with a REALLY old water heater. The water was barely ever warm because the pilot light never stayed lit. After the initial system shock, it was quite refreshing to get out of a shower and not be sweating all over. 
  2. Robot Voices in the Fan- This isn't going to be the best heat buster because your fan really only blows around the hot air, but robot voices does make it better. For an added coolness, use a squirt bottle to mist yourself in the fan. 
  3. Eat a Freezer Pop- There is little better than enjoying a frozen treat when it's over a billion degrees. If nothing else, this weather has taught me that I'm not prepared for an eternity in hell. Otter Pops are a favorite in our house because they are dye free and contain less allergens than other brands do. If you have little ones that don't like to hold them because their fingers get cold, get some freeze pop holders. I sell them in my online shop. (yes this is my shameless plug for my business)

Outdoor Heat Busters-

  1. Run through the Sprinklers- Whether they are your sprinklers, your neighbors, or even the sprinklers that water the local track and field grass at the nearest school, it really doesn't matter. Just cool off. Jump over them, run through them, or if you're like my youngest, you sit on the sprinkler for your own personal enema. You do you, I'm not judging... laughing, of course, but it's your story to tell. 
  2. Water Balloon Fight- It's not a pool. I get it, kids. However, we're not all blessed with the money to afford one. Water balloons can be picked up at the dollar store. come on, who can't have fun with 100 water-filled bombs just waiting to be thrown at someone. I personally like to target my kids for being buttheads. This is one of the few times that it is okay to hit a person, and they like it. 
  3. Parks with Water Features- There are tons of parks that have water features, or splash pads now. These are great for kids, and parents. It's a park. They can run around like feral animals, get wet, and soak up some vitamin D before we don't see the sun for six months. These are usually free, and the great thing about them is that since they aren't a wading pool, there's no standing water to worry about the kids getting some weird fungal infection or pink eye, I don't know what is going on in your area, but kids are gross. End of story there. 
  4. Go for a Ride- Mr. Handsome-Face owns a cute little Isuzu Amigo. We call it the little big truck because it's super roomy and we've packed it full of stuff, but it's so small. Anyways, the top comes off the truck, and the kids totally love riding in the back, tunes blaring, wind whipping in their face. It's a nice way to cool down when it's hot out. Road trip, anyone?
  5. Lake, River, or Creek Outings- We are surrounded by lakes rivers, creeks, and ponds in my neck of the woods. You don't want to jump right into the Willamette River, but there are other close by bodies of water that you can bus or drive to and go for free. If it's really nice out, it's a fun outing for the kids while mom gets to lay in the sun and yell from behind her book. 
What are your favorite heat busters? 

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