Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Welcome to One Cheap Mother

Hey y'all! Welcome to my newest blogging adventure! I used to write for Because We're Cheap, but that blog has since died as it was jointly owned, and you know what they say about working with your friends, generally don't. Anyways, As the blog name suggests, I'm one cheap mother..

I am raising three boys under the age of 8. Two with disabilities, and ALL three of them eat like they are linebackers for an NFL football team. I'm a colorful mama, full of tattoos, piercings, colorful hair (they say the colorful ones wear their crazy on the outside!), and salty language. I also have my own special needs that I will talk about, possibly frequently as they are a large part of my life.  If that's not something that you can stomach, than this probably won't be the blog for you.

I'm a crafty mama with a side business called Rose City Crafter where I will be posting occasional tutorials for, as well as ways to save money, cheap activities to do with the kids, and anything you can do cheaply or at home to save a buck. I'm a stay at home mom, I spend almost every day with my kids, except when they go to their dad's. So posts may be sporadic throughout the day.

Here's a bit about us and what you might expect to see here on One Cheap Mother. We're proud Oregon natives that live in the outskirts of Portland. There is a lot to do around here, and a lot of healthy options such as organic, vegan, and farm to table. These things will be touched on as it's just the culture we live in. It rains a lot. You will likely see a lot more indoor activities to do with the kids, because it rains here a minimum of 260 days a year, most years. Like many stay at home parents, I live on a fixed income. I am all about the cheapest way to do anything. Anything I can use for more than one thing, I'm all for. Coupons-- I'm not crazy about them but I do use them and will post a great deal when I think it's too good to pass up. I swear a lot. And by a lot I mean a whole fuck ton. I have often been told that my vocabulary is that of a drunken sailor and truck driver combined. I can't help it guys... These kids and their needs and appointments, then mine on top of that, make me just snap.

Let's see, I love my makeup so you will definitely see a few tutorials on brands, application, etc. My business is embroidery based. I love to embroider and sew. I'm coffee obsessed, always stressed, and have a huge love for Star Wars. (Yes, I'm THAT mom. A boy mom.) I also have a skin care product line coming out soon for kids and mamas. I also do vinyl work, which I've also been loving. It's not uncommon to see colorful bits of thread, or pieces of vinyl stuck to me no matter how much I lint roll or wash. Those two definitely earn a place in the top five worst things about crafting... right below glitter. I have degrees in professional baking, Creative Writing, and a CNA degree. I'm a Jill of all trades.

Hope you stick with me. We're about to have some fun.

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