Thursday, June 28, 2018

Dollar Tree Birthday Deals and Deals NOT Worth the Money

My youngest is turning two in August and I have been starting to think about what to do for his birthday now since I have a lot of upcoming events and don't want to rush into crappy decisions with shitty, not so well thought out decorations. I'm thinking I want to do a space theme. When I start looking for birthday stuff, I always start at the Dollar Tree because they have a pretty decent selection that you can piece together for cheap.
Space would be a super fun theme since he loves rockets and aliens, and everything space. Then, I had a light bulb moment and my nerdy brain immediately started thinking, "space, rockets, aliens, stars, galaxies, Star Wars, cosmos, WE COULD GO COSMIC BOWLING!" I made a list, and headed out to see what deals I could find at Dollar Tree, and what was not worth my money.

1. Cupcake Holder- This little cupcake holder will hold up to 12 cupcakes. It's a great deal at Dollar Tree because these can run almost $7 elsewhere. They also come in cool, popular characters and designs.

2. Mazes- These little party favor mazes are fun to throw in goody bags. they come in packs of 8 so there are plenty for most any child's birthday. This is the best deal on individual party favors I've found.

3. Cupcake Wrappers and Picks- This is the quickest way to decorate cupcakes that doesn't include piling on more sugar. These fun little sets include 24 wrappers and picks a Dollar Tree. Elsewhere, these are around $5 or more, so this is practically stealing.

4. Character Cups- At Dollar Tree, these are $1 each. At Walmart, these are $0.83 each. Walmart has the better deal here, and they have a couple designs of each party theme to choose from.

5. Snack Containers- These are great if you plan on serving chips, popcorn, or other little snack items before cake. Dollar Tree has a lot of containers for chips, dips, and other snacks that you could reuse or toss depending on your style. I prefer giving them a bunch of sugar then sending them home with more sugar.

6. Straws- These party straws aren't anything more than a red bendy straw with a paper insert over the top. They aren't really worth it in any regard but if you find these to be a must have, Dollar Tree carries them in packs of 12.

8. Themed Candy- Whether you're having a pinata, or you are just looking to pad the goody bags, Walmart has a great deal for $8 on 50 pieces of candy with wrappers of the party's theme. Most of what I've found at the Dollar Tree is candy cigarettes, (big fat hell no) and some hard candies that aren't appropriate for littler ones.

9. Goody Bag Sets- Walmart sells a packaged set of 8-count 8-piece goody bag sets that are great for simply buying it all and leaving it at that. Give each kid one of everything and you've got everything you need. It works out if you're only expecting a few kids, or just don't want to spent a lot of money. While Dollar Tree doesn't have this same sort of option, you could still very easily spend the same and come out with even more goodies, if you pick carefully.

10. Plates and Napkins- Dollar Tree is the best place for these birthday necessities. They have themed or colored plates, napkins, cups, tablecloths, and silverware to suit anyone's need. Packages are only $1 each. In most cases, such as plates and napkins, you will get more than what you would if you purchased from Walmart.

11. Birthday Candles- Surprisingly, the best place to find birthday candles is WalMart. They have number candles for $.88 each, and sets of 12 candles for $.99.

12. Balloons- Dollar Tree is the only place to go for balloons for birthdays. They don't charge you for helium, and all their balloons are a dollar each. Unlike Party City where a single balloon can be as much as $20, and there's a $0.99 charge for helium. Uhhh... No Thanks. WalMart does have small helium tanks that come with balloons for $30. If you are planning on a lot of balloons, this is probably your best option.

I'm sure there are many other great birthday deals out there. I would love to hear some of your experiences with Dollar Tree birthdays.

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